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Stained Star

Fantastic service which I have every intention of using again. Efficient and extremely easy to communicate with.


-Noor Nursery Books

Rumki has an eye for details. As an editor for Hayati Magazine, she brought amazing content paired with well-edited relevant topics to the table. I highly recommend her.


-Hayati Magazine

Stained Star

Working with Rumki was easy and smooth. I liked that I could brainstorm ideas with her at the same time as she translated the text from Swedish to English. Extra stars for being efficient with communication and fixing what needed to be fixed by deadline. 


 When it comes to editing, Rumki edits with her heart and soul. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. She is detail-oriented and takes her role seriously. Her service is highly-recommended.


Stained Star
Stained Star

Rumki is a brilliant and gifted editor who really understands how to get the best out of people. During my year working with her in various capacities for Bengalis of New York, World Hijab Day Organization, and now freelance projects for Global Bookshelves International, Rumki crafted and edited a number of amazing pieces of writing content I had the pleasure of reading. Even with the most intense and sensitive pieces of writing, Rumki knew how to effectively communicate both complimentary feedback as well as constructive advice. I highly recommend her for any editing needs and look forward to our continued working relationship.

-Global Bookshelves Intl. Publishing

If you really want to experience an ego-shattering phenomenon, hand what you think is your best work to an unbiased, excellent editor like Rumki Chowdhury. She helped polish up all of the rough edges. 

-Nour Akhras, MD

Author of Amazon Best New Release:

Just One: A Journey of Perseverance and Conviction

Stained Star

She brings an experienced, critical, and intuitive eye to evaluating a text, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each element such as relevance, structure, ease of understanding and marketability. Editing is her forte, and she can be relied on to offer intelligent, insightful, and creative suggestions and solutions that insure your writing reaches its fullest potential.



Rumki’s services have immensely helped me in editing my first novel. I needed an expert in the English language who could see through each word and pull out the obscurities. This was why I contacted Rumki and I am so glad I did. Not only did she edit my entire manuscript for me, word for word, but she also gave me suggestions on important aspects of my work. She was always available when I had any questions.

-A.R. Raazol

✒ Rumki Chowdhury believes editing is more than just correcting spelling,    punctuation and grammar. It is also about context and consistency. It is about structure and significance.   It is about helping your text develop its full writing potential. Let her join you on your journey getting there.


✒ You are talented and passionate so if you have begun putting words together on a document, consider yourself a writer! However, diligence is the making of an author. Rumki uses her educational (MA in English Literature) and professional experiences in the media and publishing worlds, to guide you.

✒ What makes Rumki's editing services unique is that she caters her services based on your personal needs.

✒ If you are interested in receiving more information or a quote, contact Rumki below or email her via Please include an approximate word count, a short description of your project and a deadline. 

Stained Star








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