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I have been an active blogger since 2010 and decided to continue blogging on this website exclusively.

Each week, I will be taking my favorite entries from my previous blog, www.myauthorlife.blogspot.com on writing tips based on my personal experience.

For those of you who have visited my previous blog and have seen my old website design, I am sure you notice the changes. Inspired by none other than Florence Nightingale, who lifted her patients' spirits by making the room as bright as possible, I have done just that.

www.rumki.com has been renovated to look more colorful, more bright and thus, lively! I hope the look makes you smile.

In celebration of this new look, let us begin with a blog entry within a blog entry on HOW TO DEAL WITH DISAPPOINTMENT:

Getting published is definitely not the easiest of goals to accomplish, but there is one simple way, most simply-said, although not simply-done out of that subsequent disappointment.

Drum roll please! Boom, boom, boom, boom and the onomatopoeia continues until the great reveal!

Don't just sit there! Get up! No...hold on a second...I meant, SIT DOWN and continue writing. In other words, don't give up because if you believe in yourself, then the world will believe in you.

Close your eyes, breathe in and out. ALL WRITE...HERE WE GO.

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