The 'Happily Ever After' in Politics?

On the 21st of February in 2010, at the Idea Store in Whitechapel, I had a book signing in celebration of International Mother Language Day!

I began by giving a synopsis of HER FEET CHIME, talked about my publishing history, a little bit about International Mother Language Day, and then read an excerpt. It was the Q&A Session that burned HOT.

POLITICS! That was the hot topic of today. How does one get politics from a Cinderella story?

A lovely 94-year-old man spoke out when I said that I was not that into Politics or knew much about it.

He made a point to convince me that Politics was important for us; that it was a crucial part of our being. I, of course, could not argue against the significance of dilemma was 'HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO RELATE THIS BACK TO MY NOVELLA?'

Thanks to a renowned British-Bangladeshi artist who said that politics is not everything and that my standing in front of everyone is a means of contributing to the community and that Politics was not necessarily the ONLY way.

Then, another woman jumped in, saying that writing is a means by which people spread news and raise awareness about certain issues and that joining the Labour Party was not necessarily the ONLY way to be involved.

Of course, these two women had sweet enough tones not to seem like they were ganging up on the elderly man. And the man, in turn, I'm not quite sure...agreed with them? or disagreed with them? BUT, he was ADAMENT on making sure that we ALL KNEW THE IMPORTANCE OF POLITICS.

I signed copies of my novella. I appreciate the support! AND, I thank that man, in particular, for adding fervour to the discussion. He was the life of the signing!

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