Starry Night by Van Gogh is my favorite painting.

In earlier posts, I have stated that the best cure to ´writer´s block´ is to write whatever comes to mind, a babbling on of sorts. So here is a babbling on of a poem...seriously...right now...on the spot! Comments are welcome! Criticism too! I hope you enjoy my babbling on....

Babble babble babble

blah blah blah

Sounds silly, doesn´t it?

The babbling on into a place of nonsense!

That is just what most of the world seems to be...

Nonsense! Complete and utter nonsense!

Nothing makes sense...

Think about it...

Politically. Economically. Humanely.

Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Turkey...

It feels like the world is crumbling down around us.

It does not make any sense

And yet here we are,

Sitting behind our laptops

Within the comforts of own homes...

Waiting for some sense to come into this nonsense.

Waiting and contemplating...

How can I help? How can I, someone who has everything

When compared to those who have nothing, help those who have nothing?

How can I, an average person, help?

It is only when we realize how un-average we are

That sense defeats nonsense.

Pray, donate, pray, donate.

If we cannot physically be there,

in action and are sitting at home,

feeling helpless, worthless in the cause of humanity...

Pray, donate, pray and donate.

Suddenly, the world makes sense.

Suddenly, we have a purpose.

If I go back to analyze this babbling on of sorts, I can see how my thought process starts off abstract, but slowly works its way into a more concrete message. So, this babbling on of sorts really does help a writer, who is experiencing ´writers´s block,´ find himself or herself in the end. Good luck with your babbling on of sorts!

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