Oct. 27th Week Story Writing Tips

The following were posted on my Facebook fanpage, but I thought it would be helpful to list them here on my blog for aspiring writers.

‪STORY‬ IDEA ONE. On your morning ‪commute‬, your eyes automatically fall onto the shoes, bag and accessories (ie. rings, watch or bracelet, key chain) that the person sitting opposite you has. You subconsciously decipher the type of personality he or she has. ‪Protagonist‬ alert!

STORY‬ IDEA TWO. You are suddenly struck by the beauty of ‪nature‬. Something that many of us who dwell in cities seldom notice. The night sky is clear and the full moon shines, the stars are visible and peer from behind tall buildings. ‪Imagery‬ alert!

STORY‬ IDEA THREE. You have just the most incredible, adventurous dream you have ever had. You remember it vividly. ‪‎Plot‬ alert! (Stephanie Meyer´s plot idea for ‪‎twilight‬ came from a dream).

STORY‬ IDEA FOUR. Imagine the number of people you have bumped into your life and coincidentally have met again later in the future! Chance meetings like these do not come often and when they do, cherish it.‪ sensory‬ alert!

‎STORY‬ IDEA FIVE. You feel like two anvils have slammed down onto your shoulders and you cannot get them off. Then you meet someone who somehow, manages, to make you ‪smile‬, to make you feel lighter, to make you feel like you are not alone. ‪‎sensory‬ alert! Good luck with your‪ ‎writing‬! Image by Nicholas Hiroshi Zutrau

STORY IDEA SIX. A guy notices your distressed expression as you are waiting for the bus, and asks you, "Did you see the clock flying over your head?" "I´m sorry what?" you answer. "Did you see the clock flying over your head?" He repeats. Your puzzled facial expression says it all. "Put your mind on pause and just breathe," he says before giving you a breathing exercise training. "I´m a life coach," he says before handing you his business card and walks off. Your turn to fill in these dialogue bubbles. Dialogue alert!


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