As posted on my Facebook fanpage, here are all of the six story ideas collectively. HAPPY WRITING and HAPPY NEW YEAR! : )

STORY‬ IDEA ONE: During your commute to work, you notice the person opposite you, intensely looking out of the window, lost in their own thoughts. You wonder what the person is feeling, what had just happened before he or she has stepped into the train...was there an emotional phone call or an argument at the house?

- sensory alert and a plot!

STORY‬ IDEA TWO: You pass by a very interesting, yet eerie-looking house. Could this be your ‪ghost‬ story?!

-Imagery alert!

STORY‬ IDEA THREE: You still remember your best friend from your childhood, who is now (who knows where).

-character alert!

‎STORYIDEA‬ FOUR: The sky is mystical, foggy with a hint of chills.

-setting alert!

STORYIDEA‬ FIVE: "I know I can, I know I can!" is your motivating quote. If you have a personal motivational quote that gets you through life

-dialogue alert!

#STORY IDEA SIX: You have experienced discrimination and to this day, are still affected by it.Share your story. It could change someone else´s life for the better.

-non-fiction (biography) alert!

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