Happy New Year 2016! With a new year comes new inspirations. Here are the story writing tips of the week as posted on my FB Fanpage.

STORY IDEA‬ ONE: Fireworks. So many emotions that you characters feel. So many moments to experience!-‪‎Sensory‬ alert! Happy ‪Writing‬!

STORYIDEA‬ TWO: Your mother baked the most lovely cakes and cookies, you got to taste them fresh out of the oven. Heck! You got to slurp up the leftover mix before she even put them into the oven!-S‪ensory‬ alert! Happy ‪Writing‬!

STORYIDEA‬ THREE. You fell asleep on the couch and your father carried you to bed, your mother tucked you in! ‪Sensory‬ alert! Happy ‪Writing‬!

STORYIDEA‬ FOUR: You just saw the most incredible view from a ???-story building! ‪Imagery‬ alert! Happy W‪writing‬!

‎STORYIDEA‬ FIVE: It has been many years, but you will never forget the impact that your teacher had on you, his or her teaching techniques and how much he or she obviously cared for the students.-‪protagonist‬ alert! Happy ‪Writing‬!

‎STORYIDEA‬ SIX: You have just read a very interesting book and you like the style of the author. This is great writing practice! Why not try it out? See if you can turn this style into one of your own?-‪Style‬ and ‪‎Tone‬ alert! Happy ‪‎Writing‬!

STORYIDEA‬ SEVEN: You have burned your lucky shirt with your iron. The coffee machine was not working at home or at work. Your client was in an uproar. Your boss was even more angry because the client was unhappy. You have had the most frustrating day! Put it on paper- S‪sensory‬ alert! Happy W‪riting‬!

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