Writing Tips of the Week

As seen on my Facebook fanpage, the following are writing tips from the week all on one blog post. HAPPY WRITING ; )

STORY IDEA‬ ONE. When the wind knocks on your door and you can hear it breathe....

-Sensory, setting alert.

STORY IDEA‬ TWO. When the rain has stopped its feverish tapdance and the sweet aroma arises from the wet grass.

-Sensory alert.

‎STORY IDEA‬ THREE. When you hear your baby´s first words

-Dialogue alert.

STORY IDEA‬ FOUR. The skies are clear from towers and stars peer from behind. Take in the moment.

-Imagery alert.

STORY IDEA‬ FIVE. You have tripped, stumbled, fallen. You are a big ball of clumsiness. Turn this embarrassing moment into a plot.


STORY IDEA‬ SIX. "You look ravishing." "Why, thank you." You have gotten a compliment and it made you feel good about yourself.

-Sensory / dialogue alert.

‎STORY IDEA‬ SEVEN. We meet so many different personalities in life and will continue to meet new ones. I, sometimes wonder, what has happened to the pretty ballerina who used to practice her dance moves and lived across the street from me? What happened to the friendly girl with the longest blond hair I have ever seen? How did that leader of the gang end up in life? What happened to the girl who used to wear makeup in my junior high class? What happened to my teacher who used to live next door with her two big dogs?

-Character/Protagonist alert.

Keep up-to-date with next month´s writing tips by following me on Facebook and Twitter! Thank You in advance and good luck with your writing.

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