Writing Tips of the Week

March 13, 2016

As seen on my facebook fanpage, here are the writing tips of the week all in one blog entry. Happy Writing! 


WRITING TIP‬ ONE-And suddenly she realized, "This is my setting for my next novel"-Setting alert! 




‪WRITING TIP‬ TWO. This tree near an isolated castle in ‪#‎Stockholm‬‪#‎Sweden‬ reminds me of ‪‎gothic literature‬...sublime, a mystery and most probably, historical.-Setting alert!



 WRITING TIP‬ THREE. It is freezing outside and yet the rays of the sun manages to battle its way through and bathe you in its warmth. Alas, must it quickly abandon you for a rush of wind threatens it.



"En garde you beastly firy thing!"

"I accept your challenge you invisible coward!"

-Sensory alert. 


‪‎WRITING TIP‬ FOUR: ‎Tangled Nature‬. God´s ‪#‎miracle‬ of what had been, of what is and of what will be. Faith is such a strong part of many people´s lives. Everyone believes in something and it affects them greatly-Sensory and Imagery alert. 



WRITING‬ TIP FIVE: Life is full of surprises. What is the greatest ‪‎surprise‬ of your life so far? (Mine is Donald Trump´s presidential candidacy, how on earth did he make it this far?)-Imagery Alert! 


WRITING‬ TIP SIX. You have experienced a funny moment during which you have laughed so much that you begin to wonder, "Wow, I haven´t laughed this hard in a long time." Cherish that moment and write about it.-Sensory alert! 


WRITING TIP‬ SEVEN. ‪‎Love‬ is a universal emotion. When I think of love, I think of love for Allah and love for my family. What do you think of?-Plot alert! 






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