Writing Tips of the Week

As seen on my facebook fanpage, here are the writing tips of the week all in one blog entry. Happy Writing!

WRITING TIP‬ ONE-And suddenly she realized, "This is my setting for my next novel"-Setting alert!

‪WRITING TIP‬ TWO. This tree near an isolated castle in ‪#‎Stockholm‬‪#‎Sweden‬ reminds me of ‪‎gothic literature‬...sublime, a mystery and most probably, historical.-Setting alert!

WRITING TIP‬ THREE. It is freezing outside and yet the rays of the sun manages to battle its way through and bathe you in its warmth. Alas, must it quickly abandon you for a rush of wind threatens it.

"En garde you beastly firy thing!"

"I accept your challenge you invisible coward!"

-Sensory alert.

‪‎WRITING TIP‬ FOUR: ‎Tangled Nature‬. God´s ‪#‎miracle‬ of what had been, of what is and of what will be. Faith is such a strong part of many people´s lives. Everyone believes in something and it affects them greatly-Sensory and Imagery alert.

WRITING‬ TIP FIVE: Life is full of surprises. What is the greatest ‪‎surprise‬ of your life so far? (Mine is Donald Trump´s presidential candidacy, how on earth did he make it this far?)-Imagery Alert!

WRITING‬ TIP SIX. You have experienced a funny moment during which you have laughed so much that you begin to wonder, "Wow, I haven´t laughed this hard in a long time." Cherish that moment and write about it.-Sensory alert!

WRITING TIP‬ SEVEN. ‪‎Love‬ is a universal emotion. When I think of love, I think of love for Allah and love for my family. What do you think of?-Plot alert!

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