Book Anniversary Party

"You look like Jane Austen with that skirt on," my fifth-grade student said to me, referring to my long electric blue skirt. It puffed out like a 19th-century skirt would.

And I thought to myself, Wow, you remember me mentioning Jane Austen? You were actually listening in English class that day?! You were even paying attention to what she was wearing in the picture I showed you?!

Sometimes, I think my students are looking at me, but not really listening. It feels satisfying knowing that I underestimated some of them. It feels great knowing that I have taught them something that they remember (sticks to them).

Thank you personal stylist @juicyali (follow her on Instagram)

To be honest, I wouldn´t have considered having a book anniversary party at the school where I teach, if it hadn´t been for the encouragement of my colleagues. I stay humble, feeling like talking too much about my publishing experience would be "showing off." However, my fellow teachers assured me that it would actually inspire my students. Not to mention, you don´t get cupcakes every day at school!

So I decided to celebrate my book anniversary for "So Complicated" with them. I consulted with Tina, party planning blogger of "Detailed to a T" on how to organize it:

-Light-blue color-scheme to match book cover

-Light blue frosting and colorful sprinkles on mini cupcakes

-Create cupcake flags with "So Complicated" printed on them

-Make Your Own Bookmarks, the best bookmarks get extra cupcakes!

-"So Complicated" novel on display

-"Happy Anniversary" framed table sign

Writing is a huge part my life so to be able to share it with my students only brings us closer. Every day, I learn more about my students, their skills and interests. I guess it was about time they learned about mine. Not to mention, writing is also my career.

On top of that, one of my students mentioned Jane Austen to me in an appropriate context. Likewise, I hope that "So Complicated" will be remembered as the novel of our time. Maybe a hundred years down the line, someone will read "So Complicated" and think to himself/herself So that´s how they used to live in 2015!

Some of the page corner bookmarks that students created.

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