Writing Tips of the Week

STORY IDEA‬ ONE: You have just had the most incredible experience meeting someone who inspires. Why not write their story? You can change names if you like!-Character Alert

STORY IDEA‬ TWO. You just remembered something very funny that happened to you.-‪Plot‬ Alert

‎STORY IDEA‬ THREE. Remember the way your mother used to eye you when you did something wrong and you immediately surrendered?!-‪Character‬ Alert

‪STORY IDEA‬ FOUR. You just saw an old picture of yourself and could not help but laugh at the fashion back then-‪‎Imagery‬ Alert

‎STORY IDEA‬ FIVE. One of my fourth-grade students asked me how I was as a fourth grader? Which student would I characterize myself as? I answered "I was the one that talked too much."-‪‎Character‬ Alert

‎STORY IDEA‬ SIX. Your car stopped in the middle of the highway/motorway and you get help from a good-hearted citizen. Have you ever been stranded in some way? How?-‎Plot‬ Alert

STORYIDEA‬ SEVEN. Where do you see yourself in the next ten yers?‪-Setting‬ Alert

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