Poem to Class of 2016


Dedicated to the Class of 2016 (my English students)

You are a clock ticking with a passion

That is yet to thrive,

But surely will.

Like the motion of the short and long hands of this clock,

You are the future meant to be the then, the now, the thereafter.

You are certainly the was, the is and the will be.

Maybe this is sounding like an English lesson

On transitions and verbs,

But the numbers on this clock are...

Emotions, sensations, low points that become high points.

6 a.m is your personality.

8 a.m. Is your A-game.

From then on...until noon, you are knowledge.

At noon, you are smiles, laughter and the occassional banter.

From then on...until 3p.m, you are basically ready to go home...

So, your battery kicks into full gear

As your motivation begins and slowly rises.

You inhale, exhale, process and sometimes take tests,

Moaning and groaning,

What test?! You never said anything about a test!

So, you hold onto the rim of this clock,

With the tips of your long and short hands,

Pointing toward the hours, minutes and seconds

Wondering whether to let go or keep fighting,

Because you are a clock ticking with a passion

That is yet to thrive, but surely will.

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.

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