5 Qualities That Make You A Better Writer

1.PASSION: This is where it all blooms. It all begins from within, deep down, a fire burning into fine writing. No written piece is finer than one written with love, out of love and for the love of the pen, pencil or keys that decorate a pristine, blank page. How do you know you have passion? It is innate, although some take time discovering it. For example, I started discovering my passion for writing in high school when I entered and won a couple of creative-writing and poetry competitions, and joined the school newspaper.

2.DILIGENCE: Oh, the waiting, the longing, the sighs and the moans of despair thereof! Oh, when will it all be done?! When will it complete its climb up the mountain, snatch the climax and dive right into ´´The End?!´´ It takes time and time is actually your best friend, here. The more time you spend on your writing, the more patient you are with the outcome, the most potential your written piece will climb upto, snatch and dive into at ´´The End.´´ It took me years to write, edit and publish each of my books. Most of my time was spent researching and editing.

3.DETERMINATION: A ´´can-do´´ and ´´will-do´´ attitude will guide you through writer´s block and onto the other side of that wall, where the magic of characters, protagonists, the setting and plot await your full attention. Try having a new, inspiring quote as the backdrop/background on your computer, each week. One day, my background was ´´hope,´´ another day, it was ´´inspire.´´ Simple, short and sweet. You might prefer a longer quote like:

4.MODESTY: Keep in mind that you can always improve and being this hard and pushy on yourself, actually prepares you in accepting and implementing constructive criticism. Even now, when I get compliments about my writing, I cannot help, but feel like I could have done better. That is not necessarily a bad feeling. On the contrary, it can be encouraging. Also, when you actually publish your work, you become part of a team of professionals, like yourself. This requires you to listen to others´ constructive feedback so that your work can reach its full potential.

5.IMAGINATION: Daydream, wonder at the awe of everything and anything. Inhale it, embrace it and then mould it into something worthy of that pristine, blank page we talked about in number 1. Usually, when I am stuck, I just look back on my life, the people I have met throughout different phases of my life and how those experiences have impacted me.

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