6 Ways to Get Your Written Work Noticed

There is a difference between writing in a private journal/diary as opposed to publishing your written work: once published, your work will no longer be private. Getting published means you are ready to reveal to the world, your most inner self. It is a bold move! If you making that move, then congratulations! Here are some tips on getting your work noticed, which is the first step!

Whether you have a complete manuscript, a chapter or even an excerpt, share it! Social media/Online forums or writing communities, family and friends, the blogosphere, Open Mic Night, writing contests and freelancing are among the few sharing venues that I recommend.

1. Those who are involved in specific writing groups or communities, whether Online or Off-line, give you, for the most part, constructive criticism. The truth of the matter is that everyone, with their different personalities, also have different tastes in literature. Like sushi, you never know if your written work is going to be an acquired taste. I, myself, took the advice of a published author and joined an Online forum called, www.youwrite.com. There, I gained constructive criticism that helped me through my second novel, ´´So Complicated.´´ There are also writing groups on social media. Although I am a member of ´´Writers´ Group´´ on Facebook, I am not very active, but who knows?! You might want to give it a shot! I have made a lot of connections with writers and authors through social media, but we have barely/never met in-person. Still, we have achieved a bond that is necessary for us to give each other feedback to better our writing. We can always be better!

2. Other people whose opinions you may find it easier to hear, take in and implement are that of close family and friends. I consult my family and friends on everything from the entire manuscript, my author photo, to the cover image! I even ask them to help me publicize my work on their personal social medias and recommend it to their friends. It is a great start to getting the word out there, about your work (if you are not published, maybe, you want to publicize your blog). One blog I follow on Facebook is Humans of New York. I am also obsessed with fashion and wedding planning so you can guess what kind of blogs I follow! See my recent article on Hayati Magazine to get the basic idea, thanks!

3. Why not start your own blog, whereby the public can comment on your work?! Of course, you would set your settings in order to approve comments before publicizing them. I, personally, used blogspot.com before moving to wix. Others use blogger, wordpress or even create their own facebook fanpage, just to name a few! And they will not cost you a penny!

4. It might take you time to get up on an actual stage and recite your writing out-loud to a public audience, especially one full of strangers. However, it is an excellent way for you to get your written work, heard and recognized. Also, you will be attaining the practice necessary for making public appearances after being published. I, for example, did an Open Mic Night, a radio appearance and book readings/signings, earlier this year! I have some more coming up so stay tuned!

5. Getting recognition through writing contests is worth a try, even if it costs a few dollars or pounds as an entrance fee. Some literary magazines and newspapers also specialize in publishing work, for free, although it is definitely competitive. There are a lot of talented writers, out there, but one thing is for sure: whether you are entering a school, University, town, city, state, national or worldwide writing contest, someone, somewhere, is reading your work and someone, somewhere, might be seriously impressed by it! In the end, it does not even matter whether you have won or not. Applaud yourself for allowing the public to read your most inner self and give you the feedback necessary to improve it.

6. Freelance! Get your work out there, even if you have to work for free. Just because you are not getting paid for your work does not mean your writing is worth any less than an already-published piece. I started off by freelancing for numerous publications and, for free! It is worth the recognition you attain from it. It is worth putting on your resume/CV.

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