Set New Writing Goals This New Year

January 2, 2018



Happy New Year 2018! May you be blessed with a prosperous one!


My year ended with an incredible interview with Musart Ellaahi of London´s (LB24 App Channel) ´´The Life Show.´´ She interviewed me regarding ´´Unveiled.´´ Yes, I took a trip to London and got back three nights ago.


´´The Life Show´´ on LB24 was an opportunity for me to share my most inner self on how I had structured my poetry. At first, I was hesitant about divulging too much as poetry, although self-expressive, should also be interpreted by the reader on his/her own terms. Interpretation is very personal. At the same time, I realized that my poetry is still full of words, lines, stanzas and subjects, which, although intertwined and organized, are as free as the very metaphorical birds from ´´Unveiled.´´ year! That means new writing goals.



If you are an aspiring author, your goals might look something like this:






3.Query potential publishers/literary agents


4.Take the feedback in a positive light/implement it into more editing, if necessary.


5.Get Published.



If you are an aspiring writer, your goals might look something like this:


1.Brainstorm, expand your imagination, get inspired.


2.Apply your number one goal into writing.


3.Research, if necessary, for your written text/research your target audience




5.Ask for feedback/constructive criticism from family, friends and experts.



These are just examples to help guide you.



Here are my personal goals for the year:


1.Edit existing drafts I have written from years back as I believe they are potentially-publishable.


2.Consider publishers.


3.Continue to promote ´´Unveiled´´ as all proceeds go to charity, Restless Beings.


4.Continue writing for Hayati Magazine.


5.Continue meeting new, inspiring women, with whom I share common interests. Let them empower me...let us empower one another.


Download LB24 App and watch my interview on ´´The Life Show´´ with Musart Ellaahi. You can also watch it on her Facebook timeline.


Happy new year, again! And...happy writing!


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