Sentence Starters for Fiction Writers

I recognize that look! That stare! It is just as blank as the blank page in front of you and you have no idea how to begin your story.

Some words of encouragement:

1.If you are staring at a blank page, it means you have already flown through the clear sky and have hit a few clouds or two. By clouds, I mean, ideas! That is a huge achievement so give yourself a pat on the back. Literally, pat yourself on the back.

2.If you are staring at a blank page, it means you are determined. Zealousness is just the ingredient you need for a great story! Now, come know you want to...pat yourself on the shoulder.

3.If you are staring at a blank page, it means your fingers are hovering above the keys, anticipating the performance of a lifetime. Ballet? Tap? Stomp? Cancan? Choose a move...sometimes, typing the first word that comes to mind is the best may even find yourself laughing. I will tell you a secret...the one word I type when my mind is completely blank is ´´wonderwoman.´´ I have no idea why that word comes to mind and no, I am not a fan of the superhero. What I do understand is that as soon as I type ´´wonderwoman,´´ I tend to smile or uplifts my spirits because the circumstance is uncanny.

SENTENCE STARTERS (no matter the genre):

1.Dialogue ex. ´´I hate the way she curls her hair into the most pristine locks I have ever seen,´´ I blurt out in the midst of my promenad with my bestie to school. ´´Shirley is the epitome of perfection, every guy´s desire, every mom´s cup-of-tea, the teacher´s applause and every girl´s envy.´´

Carol stares at me with her enormous blue eyes, behind thick black frames and I know what she is thinking.

´´Yes, okay. I admit it! I envy Shirley Cordola. You do too!´´ The strap of my crossbody bag slids off my shoulder so I adjust it back to its original, secure position.

2.Character ex. The keyboard has replaced the pen as the mightier tool of weaponry against the sword and who better to take full advantage of that than Julie Radcliffe! Her fingers galloped away at the keyboard with such passion that the electric sparks could have easily been mistaken for fireworks in a love affair. Of course, this passion thrived from a personal quest: justice for women (Beginning of Chapter one from my award-winning novel, So Complicated).

3.Somewhere in the middle: Then, go back in time ex. Its rose-colored stone walls shimmered in the blazing full moon. It was 10.00 p.m., the year 1872 and the palace had been refined the year prior. The entire roof formed a balcony, enticing one to reach it and aim to touch the sparkling stars or to dance to the tip tap of raindrops (Beginning of Chapter one from my first YA novel, Her Feet Chime).

4.Suspense ex. I tried to feel my way around in the blackness of the corridor that I hoped would lead to an exit out of the hell hole. Little did I know, the blackness would only become deeper, more hollow than the hate I felt for my prey, the very man who trapped me here for the past two husband. Hello, my name is Myra and if you are reading this, you have probably found my journal in a ditch somewhere, long after I am gone. This is my story of love, marriage and hate.

I hope that you enjoyed reading these starter examples. Now, it´s your turn. You can do this! Happy Writing!

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