Most Common Questions I am Asked About Writing

Photo Credit: Shama Vafaipour, Svenska Hijabis.

Following my last blog post, I received a lot of questions regarding my writing. Here is how I answered the most common questions I am asked:

1.How do you come up with your ideas for example your 30 days of poetry, a-poem-a-day during Ramadan on Instagram?

I love poetry slam so I usually write my poem on-the-spot. Sometimes, I look at the photo I am posting for my instagram @rumkic and I try to remember how I was feeling at that very moment and what I experienced/thought about at the time the shot was taken. Then, I just think about what techniques I wish to incorporate into my writing ex. rhyme or not? rhyming words? metaphors? personification? What message do I want my readers to get from the poem? How can I impact? How can I inspire? etc.

2.How do you start?

I like to outline my ideas and storyline, character, plot, etc. before I start writing. Structuring and outlining your ideas gives order to chaos.

3.How did you get published?

I first studied how to write a query letter and which literary agents would be most interested in representing me as mainstream publishers only accept "solicited" or "represented" work. I also tried the self-publishing route. In the end, I just let the opportunities come and took the path I felt I was meant to take. Meanwhile, keep working on your written text, edit, edit, edit. You can be your own worst critic! Although that might be helpful, also attend writing workshops and network with other writers who can give you feedback/constructive criticism. Most importantly, believe in yourself and the world will believe in you.

4.How much money do you make?

I get asked this mostly by my students! That is a personal question I choose not to answer and usually laugh off. But, know this, all published authors/writers/poets have differing royalties.

5.Are you working on another book?

I am always working on something new once one of my books has been published. Never stop doing what you love!

On a side note:

Thank you Shama Vafaipour for this lovely capture, a promoshoot for the upcoming "Unveiled" poetry video tbr soon by Maryam Dinar! Also, thank you BUNO DESIGN for this beautiful silver skirt!

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