When Should You Stop Writing?

When should you stop writing?

Most of my blog entries have been about the planning and starting process of writing, but I recently realized that I have not even talked about when and where you should STOP the writing process! You probably think "Oh man, this author is crazy! She should just say, write, write, write and keep on writing with your heart´s desire!" And, you should! What I mean is at what point or moment should you take a break from the writing process?

I have been reading an NY-Times Bestseller entitled, "The Swans of Fifth Avenue" by Melanie Benjamin in which the main character is a published author. After having written a little bit, he says to himself, "Enough is enough:" "Truman worked through the entire afternoon, then stopped. Some internal alarm inside him, as nascent as the primordial switch that turns winter to spring, simply said, ´Enough. Enough for today. One more word and you will question everything you´ve written so far´ (p.39)."

Instantaneously, I related to this very moment of writer´s intuition-I am all too familiar with that alarm of "Enough is enough." You will know when to stop. Just as your body requires a good night´s sleep in order to rejuvenate its energy for the next day´s activities, your brain also requires rest in order to revive its creative thinking process.

When do I STOP? I stop writing when I come to a point where I am just babbling on and on, for the mere purpose of writing, thus straying far away from the initial story plan I had aimed to follow. When you find yourself just writing for the sake of writing, STOP. You have brilliant ideas that could light up that bulb hovering above your head, but you need to switch it off and let it rest. Only then, can your story become truly electrifying.

Take a break. Read a magazine. Happy Writing!

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