How Networking Boosts Your Writing Career

I remember when I first publicized my first novel. And, I remember how important it was for me to reach out to influential or impactful people who related to my target audience.

As a result, they helped me publicize my work via their social networks and their various media outlets. Moreover, my book became well-known among my specific target audience.

I cannot stress enough the importance of networking, but not just with ANYONE. Network with people who will truly be interested in your particular written text, people who understand your specific target readership. These individuals often possess the following qualities:

-They understand you and your goals

-They can relate to your work

-They would be most interested in reading your text, themselves, and would in turn, recommend to friends, relatives, family and other influential like-minded individuals such as themselves.

Furthermore, you can also network with individuals at special gatherings and events, give them your business card or a free download card for your latest published work. I carry business cards with me everywhere I go and if I meet someone who is an avid reader or influential individual in the book market, I give them a card. However, I do not abruptly toss my cards around as if passing out random flyers on the street.

Rather, these in-person conversations should not be abrupt, but gradual. There should be a development of a mutual understanding. Start with something as simple as, "Hello, isn´t this such a wonderful event?!" or begin with a compliment, "Love your dress!" Eventually, you may find something in common with this individual and feeling more relaxed, you also become more confident: "I am actually a published author."

Note that networking is not just important for individuals already-published, but also for individuals who are aspring to become published-for writers in general.


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