A Writer´s Worst Nightmare

An author´s worst nightmare is rejection.

Rejection can come from different angles: the readership, book bloggers, book critics, publishers, literary agents and the list goes on.

How do we get over this fear of rejection, this nightmare that haunts us even as we are awake, our fingers dancing away on the keyboard of a laptop or desktop?

1.YOU are your worst critic so beat them to it. Every time you read your work, imagine you are the reader, you are the agent, you are the reviewer and so on. It really helps when you read from different perspectives.

2.EMBRACE it. Rejection is okay. It can mean one of two things: either you need to keep editing or you need to keep moving forward. In other words, every rejection does not rule out the possibility that someone, out there, will accept your work...maybe, even, love it!

3.REMIND yourself why you write. You have a passion that can also be a talent. Do not let anyone blow out your burning candle!


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