When Life Gets in The Way

It´s been a while. I know, I know! Life does get in the way, sometimes. Especially for those of us who don´t have writing as a full-time profession. Those of us, like myself, who end up reading more than writing. Here´s why:

I have been reading rather exciting work from young authors and researchers whose work have been just as equally entertaining, if not...more so than already published works that are out in-store bookshelves! As an English teacher, I end up reading hundreds and hundreds of papers every week or two. I feel like a judge at a writing competition as the grading process is just as equally competitive. It´s fun! It really is so much fun!

However, it also takes away a lot of my me-time where yawning and eventual Z´s replace my writing progress. Not to mention, I am a mother of two and I have one more on the way! Excuses, excuses, excuses. Passion conquers all, right?! Take this as my first attempt at organizing my schedule so that I can be here more often with updates on my personal writing progress as well as providing tips for yours.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, notice that I post short tips and quotations here and there, more often than I write my own writing blog! However, my writing blog is a lot more detailed. Stay tuned for updates on my writing progress. Let me also join YOUR writing journey! SUBSCRIBE to this site!

Happy Writing!

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