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Stop, Drop, Write!

Whatever is happening right now is a story. It can be impactful depending on how you write it.

Have you ever wondered why it is that books are much better than their movie adaptations? Think about it...books are more detailed and they force you to use your imagination. That is why sometimes the movies might not live up to your expectations. Not to mention, each movie is about two hours long and some scenes from a book just cannot be shot within that short span of time.

Likewise, it may take you just a few seconds to take a bite of your bagel, chew it and swallow it. This very simple move in a very short span of time can become something more detailed and have an impact for a longer span of time. How can a breakfast bagel become inspiring?

Stop, Drop, Write! That's how! Let me explain...

Describe what you were thinking as you took a bite of that bagel for example:

Energy, need energy!

Note: Italics is the font to use when describing what your character is THINKING whereas quotation marks are used for dialogue.

Describe what you were wearing as you took a bite of that bagel for example, professional or casual? Are you a lawyer about to go to Court? Are you a student on a big test day? Are you the person who sells bagels at the food truck? Are you on your way to meet a blind date?

Describe what kind of bagel you were eating for example, a raisin bagel with a cream cheese filling. Then, describe what this could mean: The bagel was as sweet as I had hoped our first meeting would be and as salty as everything that could possibly go wrong on a first date. Then, you go on to describe what you imagine could go right and what you imagine could go wrong?

Describe how you bagel smelled and what this could mean for you: The bagel was as warm as my racing heart, after it had just run a marathon during my anticipation on the train journey this food truck. didn't just eat a bagel, after all! There was so much that went into that act. And I don't mean, chewing it, tasting it, swallowing it and it goes down your esophagus, blah, blah, blah.

Think deeply about it and write down your experience. Who knows? This simple act of yours could inspire someone, it could actually mean something, it could become a symbolism.


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