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Three Tricks for Writing Motivation

Do you usually end up taking numerous breaks and often in between your writing process? Coffee just happens to be brewing non-stop and social media seems a breath away? Does it all motivate you or are you actually lacking motivation? Is procrastination your best friend right now? It has been mine and still is, sometimes. Here are three tricks to self-motivation so that your writing process is much smoother:

1. Set personal deadlines for example: Get a chapter done every day. By Chapter 20, edit, edit, edit. Goal to complete all drafts for your manuscript by day 40.

For this, you can use either a digital calendar/planner or a physical calendar/planner/bullet journal.

2. Time your breaks. For example, 15-minute coffee breaks, three times a day. Set an alarm on your phone with both start and end times.

3. Plan. Create an outline (ex. chapter-by-chapter or ex. Setting, Characters, Plot), mindmap or plot diagram (Google these, there are lots of different kinds, some are more detailed than others).


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