5 Ways to Fight the Waiting Game

You have just completed your manuscript and sent it off to a literary agent or publishing company for consideration. You are waiting for their response. Don't wait around! It will drive you crazy! Instead, keep writing, if not using feedback to improve your current manuscript, then write something else.

Here are FIVE project ideas that will not only take the pain of the waiting game away, but also keep you doing what you LOVE to do:

1. A New Manuscript: It never hurts to have another story up your sleeves for when you do get representation or a publishing contract offer. Sometimes, they will even ask you if you have another story idea.

I have recently co-authored with Musart Ellaahi, a motivational speaker, published author and renowned UK TV-host. She published "Your Story," a collection of memoirs from inspirational people she has interviewed and it was an honor to be a part of that project. You can download the book or purchase it worldwide. My memoir "For the Love of Words" is on pg. 211.

Can you spot me?

2. Writing contests: Enter writing competitions where you submit short stories, poetry or your current manuscript. It will help you get your name out there as well as learn more about how you can improve your project.

3. Personal blog or blog contributions: You should have your own blog whether it is a simple social media page or an actual website. Some even vlog! I recently made two contributions on writing advice on other blogs:

5 Secrets to Getting Your Book Published


3 Ways to Entice the Reader

4. Network, network, network: Get to know other writers or authors. This way, you develop invaluable connections who can provide you with opportunities and useful constructive criticism or feedback. I am speaking from experience.

5. Ask your family, friends, even old high-school teachers or college professors for feedback on your written work. I always do!


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