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Winner of The Nisa Hub Writing Contest 2020

Years ago, my brother, Robin, said to me, "One day, you should write my story." I remember replying, "That is a good idea," but inside, I felt a trepidation. I knew that writing about him would mean writing about how I felt...overwhelmed. I was not sure I would have the courage to face that boiling teapot, to release the steam and potentially overflow.

Moreover, I asked myself, "How could I possibly do justice to a biography of a person whose shoes I have not worn, whose heartbeats were not mine, whose breaths I have not inhaled nor exhaled, whose experiences were not in my head?! I made an attempt for the sake of that promise I had once made to my brother.

With the support of my family, relatives, friends and readers, my biographical/non-fiction short story, "Robins Can Fly" won first place at The 2020 Nisa Hub Writing Contest. It is now up on their website. It is also available here, on my author site in both English and Bangla/Bengali. CLICK HERE!

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