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Boldness is a Blank Page

If you are experiencing "writer's block" but have already opened up a blank document, you are bold. You are a writer! You are going to be incredible!

Easier said than done?

Think of it this way: if you saw a blind man trying to cross a road, would you offer an arm? If you saw an elderly person trying to take their heavy bags of grocery into their home, would you offer to carry them? If you saw a pregnant woman without a seat on the train, would you offer yours? If your answer is, "Yes, of course!" then your intention is there.

In other words, before you get across that street, you would need to offer your arm. Before you reach the elderly person's home, you would need to offer both arms. Before the pregnant woman is seated where you were sitting at one point, you would need to offer to get up.

The finish line is not far off. It all begins at the point of intention. It begins with a blank page.

To break that "writer's block," begin by writing your name across the top of that document. Save the document as your point of intention, whether it be "poetry," "novel," "memoir," etc.

You're on your way!

Happy Writing!

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