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3 Reasons to Keep Writing

I have started and even completed a number of manuscripts, some of which I have attempted to gain representation for, some I am still editing according to the constructive feedback from my author circle and the literary agents who rejected me. I keep writing! And I recommend you to do the same. Why?

1. If you get the most minimal amount of encouragement from one good word or compliment regarding your written work, your work is worth pursuing. Even if it's a family member who can often be the most blunt with their words, take that compliment and turn it into your motivation. I recently got rejected twice by the same agent after having submitted my work, but the fact that this person took the time to read and consider my work, then give me feedback, only encouraged me to keep writing and editing. For example, there are words like, "The premises of your work are promising, but it's not for me," "I loved this part of your story, but the other parts need work," or even "You are a great writer, but here's what you need to work on." Focus on the positives like "promising," "I loved this part of your story," and "great writer!"

2. Even if one person has read your work, then you know that your work is worth something. It's been read. After all, it was meant to be read, which means that even in the smallest way, your words have impacted that reader because you are a writer! We write for ourselves, yes, but ultimately, our writing is a gift for our readers.

3. When you are happy and done with a completed manuscript and you are editing it according to constructive feedback, there is always an opportunity for you to start writing something new! It's not just about being a prolific writer; it's about being a developing writer; I am constantly learning something new about myself with every word that I have written or edited and that journey, in itself, is a blessing.

Happy Writing!


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