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3 Tips on Beginning a Love Letter

When I think of a love letter, I think of "Cyrano de Bergerac," an 1897 play written by French playwright, Edmond Rostand. If any of you watched "Roxanne," a movie starring Steve Martin, you would get a glimpse of what the play is about. Although I read the play in high school, I loved it and it automatically became one of my all-time favorite reads! Some scenes have been re-enacted in many TV-shows and movies worldwide.

Are you familiar with the "unattractive" man writing love letters that another, more "attractive" man takes credit for? While the "unattractive" man knows how to woo his love by writing the most extraordinary love letters, the "attractive" or more handsome one has no idea how to do this. As is in the play, the man with the big nose writes love letters for the woman he loves, while the handsome man takes credit for those letters and wins the heart of that same woman. The truth is that her heart belongs to the writer of the love letters.

How does one write a love letter even if it's for one's own husband or wife? Here are three ways to BEGIN a love letter:


1.A Fond Memory:

"Remember the day we first met? I was at the pizza restaurant and ordered a margherita which my girlfriends and I split. You served it to us. I was so hungry after my track run that I immediately took a bite, burned my mouth and spit it out. You burst out laughing while I blushed. After the meal, we left the restaurant at the same time. You said that your shift had ended, asked me if I was okay and apologized for laughing at me. I would later find out that you deliberately asked your boss to let you end early just so that you could talk to me and get my number. I will never forget your cute smile!"

2.A Compliment (maybe add a simile or metaphor):

"You are as beautiful as when butterflies land on roses. You make me want to fly away with you over flower fields, lakes and forests."


"You wash the dishes, clean the bathroom and even cook for me, sometimes. We take turns telling or reading the kids bedtime stories! These mean so much to me, I am so grateful to have a life partner who is also my teammate in everything!"

Love ______.

As cheesy as these beginnings may sound, they will definitely put a smile on someone's face. Remember to begin with either a fond memory, a compliment or an appreciation.

Happy Writing!


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