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3 Tricks to Picking a Scenario

How and when should my character get caught red-handed? Should she be sipping chai on her rooftop? Should she be seen hanging out with the wrong crowd? Should she be attending an event where secrets are divulged? These are three different scenarios that I have been struggling with in my fourth, unpublished novel. This is a form of writer's block, where the ideas are there, but it is difficult to pinpoint which idea works best in a particular scenario.

Take the journey with me on attempting to figure it out. Let's brainstorm three tricks to picking the best scenario for one particular part or chapter of our books:

1.Ask someone you trust, a family friend or relative, maybe even a fellow writer, for their opinion.

2.Read what you have already written before this scenario and things may just fall into place.

3.Close your eyes and imagine each scenario in your head. Which one makes most sense? Which one would entice your readers most?

Happy Writing!


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