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5 Battle Techniques for "Writer's Block"

Most recently, I have been struggling with finding my inspiration again and thus, second-guessing my own written work for the umpteenth time! In this battle, I have discovered that "writer's block" isn't just about staring at a blank page and not knowing how to start; rather, it can also be about looking at a complete manuscript and shaking my head, No, I am not happy with this...something is missing, what's missing?

Here are 5 battle techniques I have found helpful against "writer's block:"

  1. Having someone else read my work and give me feedback or I, myself, reading it out loud to someone else. Reading out-loud, I am always amazed at what I can catch; grammatical errors, misconstrued sentences, the wrong word choice, things that just don't seem to fit, etc.

  2. Knowing that I am not the only one going through this. My close network/friendships with fellow authors, has provided a great support system, whereby a simple, "YOU CAN DO THIS" or just, "I CAN RELATE," goes a long way!

  3. Experimenting with different texts/additions that may end up making me change every chapter to fit what I just added to the first one. However, if I am happy with my first chapter, then I am confident in that all of the other chapters must align.

  4. Reading is a great motivator; it helps me understand the impact of words and how, I need to read my work to see if I believe in its potential to have that kind of impact.

  5. Entering writing contests is also a great motivator! I love looking at past winners' written works and it really gives me that competitive boost I need to write, write, write! Here is a contest now open until the 31st of May! Join me and enter (click below):


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