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6 Tips on Picking the Right Title

Notice that I wrote "6 Tips on Picking the RIGHT Title" instead of "6 Tips on Picking the PERFECT Title" to name this particular blog post. Perfection is overrated and although that's one of a writer's biggest flaw, the search for perfection, it shouldn't be. Titles are, after all, like most things... subjective. Therefore, choose a title that is RIGHT for YOU, yes...for you. You know your written text best! Here are six tips on how to pick the "right" title for your written text:

1.First of all, It's definitely easier to come up with a title AFTER you complete the written project.

2.Secondly, bear in mind that your title is subject to change If you submit it for publication. Newspapers, magazines and publishers may give you other title recommendations within reason to consider.

3.List as many title ideas as you can think of. Make them catchy with a hint of mystery. If you are stuck, ask yourself the 5W's and H questions. Answer the "Who/what/where/why/how of the story." If this isn't helping, skim through your text. There's something bound to pling!

4.Search to see If any already exist in the published world. If so, eliminate those. It isn't uncommon for there to be more than one book with the same title, even in different genres/departments. Even after doing this, one of my books, "So Complicated," for example, was published in the same year as another book in the same title! It didn't hurt, but I am sure everyone wants to be unique.

5.Then, ask a close, trustworthy network to vote on their favorite title from your list.

6.Take the top two, look back at your text, skim through it and most likely, you will find one that fits best.

Happy Writing!


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