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7 Reasons to Blog

If you are a writer, blogging almost becomes an imminent part of your profession. Blogging:

1. is a venue for self-expression

2. is a platform for feedback/constructive criticism which can easily be in the "comments" section

3. is an information portal with useful tools and content that your readers can put into practice

4. is your organizer, planner...mindmap

5. is your networking tool to get to know other like-minded individuals

6. gets the word out there about your work/ it allows people to notice you

7. allows you see and know your audience

If you have time, energy and are willing to look camera-ready at least once a week, you might even consider vlogging on your own channel either on IGTV or YouTube. If you prefer to just stay in your jammies, cozy under the covers, then you could probably relate to me the most. We are bloggers! You can also do both blogging and vlogging. No way is the wrong way. Every way is the right way.

Stay tuned for tips on creating the most effective blog to get your work noticed.

By the way, I made it to the top 100 writing blogs two weeks ago! Feedspot is your one-stop for blogs about anything and everything you are interested in.

This week, I am no. 122, which is still amazing! Thank you for your subscriptions and tell your friends to join!

Happy Writing!


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