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Blogging like a Blogger

Try saying that five times in a row!

As stated in my previous blog post, blogging is almost an imminent part of writers. We can blog as a means of self-development and as a valuable platform for gaining constructive feedback from our readers and fellow network of writers/bloggers. But, how do we blog like a blogger?

As promised, here are some tips, TEN to be exact:

  1. Keep your eyes on the ball: Ask yourself, what is the focus of your blog? In other words, what are you going to blog about? Keep focused in order to stay consistent. For ex. my blog is focused on writing tips.

  2. Share your expertise: Whatever it is that you blog about, it is important to have knowledge about it. Provide advice and guidance based on your personal experience. In other words, be yourself. This will also set you apart!

  3. Aspire to inspire: Make sure your title is concise, catchy and self-explanatory.

  4. Have fun! Keep the tone upbeat. Use funny phrases or inspiring quotes. Come up with your own! Who knows? Word-of-mouth is valuable.

  5. Ask the right questions. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers. What would they want to know? What do they NEED to know?

  6. Be a friend: Write like you are speaking to a friend or acquaintance at a cafe while sipping hot chocolate (or any other beverage of choice).

  7. Tag it: Most blog platforms have the "tags" option. Tag words are key words related to your topic which will help people find your blog. For ex. "writer," "writing," and "author."

  8. Edit: I basically lost count of how often I read and edited this particular post before posting it. The best way to edit is to read it out-loud to yourself.

  9. Set personal deadlines: Most writers do this anyway and if you are going to blog, you will be writing which makes you not only a blogger, but also a writer! However, I must admit, I am not consistent with my blog posts as much as I am with my other writing projects. I basically write a blog when inspired. You can consider the dates I get inspired my deadlines!

  10. Get social: Share your blog post with subscribers or on your social media pages ex. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This drives traffic to your blog which gets your work noticed.

Happy blogging!

Happy writing!


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