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Book Launch: Secrets in the Wind

With my book, "Secrets in the Wind," having launched on February 15th, my publisher, Djarabi Kitabs Publishing, requested I answer some questions for the latest press release. I wanted to share these answers with you:

I remember hearing about real life stalker victim stories in Bangladesh. When I began researching deeper into the topic, I realized that it was actually a common struggle among young girls in Bangladesh. Moreover, due to societal pressures of Bengali norms, thereby the lack of support most victims receive from their own family members, these girls often choose to keep silent or are encouraged to keep quiet about their tormentors. There are many different reasons that trigger the girls to feel ashamed, guilty and consequently, alone in their battles. A lot of those reasons are highlighted in my novel, "Secrets in the Wind."

I recently travelled back to Bangladesh and spoke to one such victim. I told her about my novel and

it touched my heart when she said that I understood her situation although I knew that deep down, I never truly could understand her circumstances. She is a survivor, a champion, but in that gain, she had also lost some things.

What I wanted to do was show that yes, Bangladesh is a beautiful country with beautiful souls, but like any country, there are those dark alleyways that we need to shed light on.

I can only pray that my own daughters feel that they can turn to me in their time of need and guidance instead of choosing to remain silent for fear of disappointing me.

I am hoping that "Secrets in the Wind" is one of those stories that propels the reader to ask the tough, deep questions and thus, empathize with the characters. When I read a thought-provoking book, I end up closing it at the end and releasing a long sigh as if my eyelids had just been pulled open. And I hold the book in my hands, looking at it longingly for a bit before putting it down. I want my readers to be able to do that when they have read all the way through to the end of "Secrets in the Wind."

This month has been a whirlwind of events since the launch. I feel truly humbled and warm-hearted at all of the readers sending in images of them holding my book, "Secrets in the Wind," and sending in messages notifying me that they have purchased it.

I had my first author reading from "Secrets in the Wind" via Bengalis of New York and my first INSTA-LIVE conversation about it with Brown Boss Babe Co. Furthermore, today, I had my first LIVE radio interview with The Urban Kube regarding "Secrets in the Wind." Next month, I will be having my first book signing event at The English Bookshop in Stockholm, Sweden, where I currently reside. Not to mention, I have already received my first Amazon and Goodreads review on it! I am looking forward to you following me on my journey and I truly hope you enjoy reading "Secrets in the Wind."

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