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Dear 2021...

Dear 2021,

Happy Belated Birthday! Welcome to the solar calendar! Welcome to the archives! I understand. I get you. There are 2020 burdens, like debris on your shoulders that you are gradually dusting off. There are hopes and dreams circling around your head like a crown as you sit on a throne, that became ancient in a span of the shortest time in my lifetime. You are driving a car that has slowed down from a later apex or moment of acceleration to an earlier apex, moment of deceleration. You have found a parking spot and although you want to park it, ready to take on the months, the weeks, the days, the nights, the hours, the minutes, the seconds and milliseconds, you can't. Your road trip has just begun, but you are not alone. I am with you. WE are with you. Let's carpool our way through some writing goals:

1.Write, write, write. Be bold. Be brave. Be daring. Take the risk. Crawl up and out of your heart, take that leap off your chest, feel the electric vibes from that imaginary defibrillator into your finger tips. Write like your heart is on fire, fearlessly, latter and extinguisher in-hand. May your words impact. May your words inspire! I have joined Bengalis of New York, Auliya Women magazine and The Muslim Diary. I have also guest-written for a few blogs including Nisa Hub.

2.Read, read, read. It is incredible how books can be a motivational tool for your writing process. Those who are published definitely inspire. We not only become moved by the written word, itself, but also by the stories or background of the writer, himself/herself. I try to get to know these authors and I have begun with some LIVE STREAM interviews for my instagram.

3.Listen, observe, see. You are surrounded by people and occurrences in your life that greatly impact you and shape the person you are. Use those experiences as a tool for your writing. If, for example, you have met a child named, George who moved you with his lyrics in song, perhaps he deserves his own, write it! This is also a trick to battling writer's block, by writing about the characters in your life. I have written a story about my brother, for my brother. It won first place at the NisaHub Writing Contest 2020. Read it here.

4.Network, know them, bond. I have met so many like-minded individuals throughout my life, not just authors and poets, but human beings of other professions. Their words and my words, an exchange of words is what has guided me through. Build a support system that encourages you. Read some incredible stories here.

5.Edit, edit, edit. This is what you need your support system for, honest feedback and constructive criticism! Also, write something you, yourself, would enjoy reading because you will need to read it over, over and over again.

I hope you can use these five mantras for yourself, as the writer you are.

Dear 2021,

Your life is just beginning and it almost feels like ours is beginning all over again too. Although 2020 should have given us a 20/20 vision into some clarity, it had been blurred, even crushed. But, konw this. Your foundation is 2020 and your building is establishing NOW. Welcome into the world.


Rumki Chowdhury

P.S. Happy Writing! Happy New Year!


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