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Exploring Your Own Personality Conquers Writer's Block

You can conquer writer's block by exploring your own personality. At the end of the day, that's what we try to do most of our lives, anyway-attempting to discover who we are by digging into our most inner selves, our memories, including our most embarrassing moments, our most triumphant moments, our most heart-tugging moments. We try to define our identities and if we haven't gotten there yet, we eventually will! I am a true believer in that.

This journey to self-discovery, of knowing who we truly are, is also the ultimate journey to conquering writer's block. Our characters are often inspired by not only our own personalities, but also by the personalities of the people we are surrounded with or people who we choose to surround ourselves with. I think we naturally choose to surround ourselves with either people with whom we have a lot in common or people who we feel complete the part of our personalities that we need to further develop: let it be boldness, let it be spirituality, let it be patience and so on.

And there's nothing wrong with taking inspiration from these meetings and relationships; there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating distinct, individual characters this way. It does not mean that you lack imagination; it only means that you know how to enhance your imagination through creative thinking.

How do we "discover ourselves?" Our identities are like building blocks or jigsaw puzzles; everything seems vague until pieced together. Start by picking one specific moment in your life; What happened? How did it happen? Who or what impacted you at that very moment? Who or what could have been impacted by YOU at that very moment? How did you deal with the situation? Did you learn something from that moment that you still carry with you today? Why do you carry that with you, still? And ultimately you will discover what that moment meant to you and how it has shaped a crucial part of the person you are today. Because let's face it, all moments, no matter how big or small, are crucial to our very being.

I discovered my love for reading at the age of 7. I had only just completed my ESL course and no longer needed to take it. My second grade teacher gave me a second-place/copper medal for being one of the best readers in my class. Since then, everything else started falling into place, subtle to loud steps into becoming the author I am today.

Who am I? I'm kind of hoping the following image is a picture worth a thousand words.


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