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Get Motivated 3 Ways

1.The best way to beat writer's block is by being the ultimate YOU:

Whatever is burning within you, whatever is setting your heart on fire at this very moment, write it

all down. Most times, there's a hesitation because you're afraid of showing yourself to the world,

sharing your thoughts and feelings with a complete stranger, your reader. But know this, that someone, somewhere needs to read your words; they need reassurance that they are not alone in whatever it is that they are experiencing or feeling in that moment in time. Your words can impact in a positive light so let that light shine through. Another reason writer's block can emerge is because you are afraid of what you will discover about your most inner self, but it's an important personal journey that should be explored. Think of it as a form of therapy and it costs nothing; you will only gain from it.

2.Refined work is readable work:

Never hand in the first, second or even third draft. Writing one manuscript took me years to edit based on constructive feedback from professionals. It's okay to take your time. Make sure you write something, you, yourself would ENJOY reading over and over again because that's exactly what you will be doing during the editing process.

3.Take a compliment, be humble, but hold onto it:

While most writers are perfectionists, when we receive constructive feedback, it can be difficult to accept some of it especially because some of that feedback is subjective. Try to use most of your feedback, understanding the position of the person giving it, whether it's a professional, it's a friend or a family member. You understand best which feedback you require and you should try to accept that your writing always has the potential to improve. If there is a negative feedback or feedback you do not like, think of it as something positive instead; our human survival instincts have the tendency to make us focus on things negatively. Therefore, it's important when we do get a very positive comment, that we stay humble about it, but definitely hold onto it as it's a huge motivator.



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