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My Fourth Book TBR 2023

For some reason, fate brought me time and time again to look over at Djarabi Kitabs Publishing Company as a potential publisher for my fourth book. I wondered whether or not they would be interested in publishing it; whether or not it would be a right match between author-and-publisher, and vice versa. It turns out that it was and I signed my fourth book with them, tbr 2023!

Here are five facts about my novel, "Secrets in the Wind:"

1. is a YA fiction.

2. It is a thriller inspired by real life stories.

3. It is meant to be thought-provoking enough to spark deep analytical questions among students in a classroom or avid readers at a book club.

4. Arts will be available for review. If interested, contact me here.

5. I spent three years working on this novel to reach its full potential. Diligence is the making of an author.


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