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What Makes an Interesting Read?

I recently got a message from a young mother and aspiring blogger who said she was struggling to write her blog. I asked her if it was the content she was struggling with. She expressed that she had plenty of content, but she wondered whether or not her personal story will be an interesting enough read. "I don't want to bore them," she said, referring to her potential readers.

I recently lost my inspiration. My only sibling, my brother, Robin (Ryhan), who had battled 32 years of his life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He passed away suddenly, yet peacefully. And I know, in my heart, that he is in a place where all his dreams will finally come true.

Robin's strength held me up, kept me going and I would be lying if I said that recently, after having been editing other people's written work, I had neglected editing my own. Now, I am trying to allow the memories of him form the strength I need to hold me up again.

Thinking about this, I replied to this aspiring blogger and beautiful new mother, that as long as the stories she is sharing, means something to her, as long as she is passionate about them, her readers will sense it. Someone, somewhere, will be impacted by it; someone, somewhere, will be able to relate. It will be interesting.

I remember how difficult it was for me to write Robin's story, "Robins Can Fly," while he was alive. I wrote it because he asked me to write his story some day; I wrote it for him, from his perspective. And when I got messages from readers who had been inspired by his story, I knew he had become a living legacy that some day, when he would pass, his legacy would live on. And when there are no longer people left to remember him, some generations later, the impact will still be there. You see, every word we speak or write, every move we make, is a pebble thrown into the water, causing an infinity of ripples.

So breathe, write and/or edit at your own pace and know that whatever it is that you are writing, it will be interesting, important and impactful.

Happy Writing!


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