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Create a Digital Writing Workshop

Digital and I are not best friends, but we are getting to know one another. As an English teacher and writing influencer, I am constantly challenged to keep up-to-date with the changing technology and although it might be exhausting at times considering the speed of tech's development from the old to the new and the new to the newer, I understand the importance of it.

Given the current circumstances with Covid-19 life, although social distancing may have its downside, it has one upside: it forces us to challenge ourselves on finding new ways to connect. Today, I had a digital, Online course with my students. I used Google meets. Through this, my Swedish students also interviewed a professional and student living in the USA. They will be using this means of digital connection to practice their English speaking skills. Likewise, there are many LIVE and pre-recorded digital/Online workshops on anything and everything, writing included.

What defines a workshop? A workshop is a space, a forum, a course, a seminar. It's opportunity after opportunity. Workshops allow you to share you experiences, your work with other like-minded individuals. It is an opportunity to give and attain constructive criticism. Workshops are excellent networking opportunities.

Here are some ways you can create your own digital writing workshop. Invite individuals to join you Online via a video call session on any app that allows more than one person in the audience. It is also important that you use an App most of your audience is familiar with ex. Zoom, Teams, Google meet.

Like any written work, a workshop requires planning, structure and organization:

1.Make sure you are targeting the appropriate audience.

2.Create an announcement, an Online poster to share with everyone for joining.

3.Send personal invitations to individuals within your network who you feel would be interested.

4.Make sure you have an easily-accessible link ready for people to click and book a seat, if interested.

5.If you want to give your audience an incentive or two, to join, scout for a sponsors for freebies and/or discounts.

The same goes for in-person workshops except this time, a space has to be booked in advance. Most of the time, the space will have its own limited number of seats available or will require you to give the expected number of attendees. If you already contacted people, asking if they would be interested or even if they have booked, then you will know the number. It is important to be prepared.

Really, in all honesty, a workshop requires just TWO people to exchange experiences, ideas and constructive feedback.



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