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17-year-old Asha's life of tranquility is hindered when she loses her parents in a tragic accident. She believes that her new guardian is her caretaker until her tyrannical aunt and cousin move in with her. Asha only begins to adapt to her new family when she is accused of a crime she did not commit. Hereafter, Asha slowly transforms into someone she no longer recognizes. Will she ever find herself again?

After thorough research on the various different versions of a Cinderella story, Rumki discovered that her birth country, Bangladesh, did not have its own version. Meanwhile, neighboring India had its own Cinderella story. 

She decided to create the first and thus far, the only, Bangladeshi version of a Cinderella story written in English. The setting is during the Mughal Empire and inspired by the historical palace in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Ahsan Manzil

Upon its release, ´Her Feet Chime´ set waves across various media. Rumki has been interviewed by Asiana Magazine, East London Newspaper, The London Bangla Newspaper, The Daily Star Magazine, The Creative Muslim Network Radio Show and S Channel TV Community News

Readers have found it touching and educational.



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