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A diverse, yet integrated collection of poetry, each told in a very fun and exciting way. Rumki elegantly encapsulates the ideology of wearing the hijab told in a quirky and empathetic manner! She offers food for the mind, body and soul.


                                                  Rima Rouf, BBC TV/Digital Media Producer 

Rumki describes the thoughts of a veiled woman in the form of delicate and well-formulated poems, while portraying the daily struggle of a hijabi in the western society. A beautiful, educational anthology, serious in its message with hints of humor. This has to be read by everyone!


                         Shama Vafaipour, Actress, Swedish Hijabis (Svenska Hijabis)

Rumki uses poetry and illustrations for readers to easily capture the daily struggles of veiled woman while offering words of inspiration to be proud of who you are. I was left empowered and I couldn't help but smile throughout reading it.


                              Kaity Assaf, Opinions Editor, Rutgers Observer Newspaper

It was everything I needed to read considering the global political climate and how hard it sometime is to be a hijabi in the west. I definitely felt like telling my own story once I was done reading the book!

                                                             Fatima Togbe, Editor, Hayati Magazine




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