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Quarantine Writing: 6 Ideas

You have been commanded to stay at home.

This is every reader's and writer's dream-come-true. It is the ultimate sabbatical. This historical moment in time is forcing you to sit still, to think creatively and to write.

Here are six ways you can practice writing:

1.Journal: How are you feeling, right here, right now? Pour it all out and it may just become your autobiography or inspire a poem.

2.Doodle: Start doodling a memorable moment, create a comic strip. You may end up writing your graphic novel.

3.Write down the first word that comes to mind, even if it's a swear word. Remember, your editing phase comes only after the first draft.

4.Look outside of your window, what do you see? This is your setting.

5.Have you watched a cool movie, lately? Is it worth recommending? This could be your movie review.

6.Have you read a cool book, lately? Is it worth recommending? This could be your book review.

HAPPY WRITING! Don´t forget to check out my instagram @rumkic or facebook @rumkitheauthor where I give regular updates on writing advice.

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