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The Benefits of Reading Out-Loud

Jump up to your feet, make your hands dance, vary your voice pitch and read out-loud your written work with the enthusiasm that it deserves. Yes, it deserves to be read out-loud with as much entertainment as you intend it to be for your readers.

In fact, storytelling has evolved from cave drawings and hieroglyphics to the Greek "oral traditions." Even Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott read their own written work out-loud for their families, a form of entertainment and theatrics of the time!

Today, we see this same tradition carried on in the form of audiobooks, library entertainment and even, vlogs!

You do not need to be a on a book tour to read your work out-loud. Start where you are, published or unpublished... start at home! Here are the benefits of reading your work out-loud:

1.You catch your grammatical errors. Make notes.

2.You gain invaluable insight, feedback or constructive criticism from your listeners.

3.You, yourself, listen, hear and understand whether or not the story is written with the particular pizzazz you intended it to be written.

4.It is an excellent way to develop your public-speaking skills.

Happy Writing!

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