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My 5 Instagram Posts Explained:

Social media is an imminent part of most careers. It is a means of communication and networking. Now, more than ever, it is a means to stay in touch and connect. The following are five of my short Instagram quotes or writing tips, but explained more in-detail below:

Tip 1:

The best writer is one who can stimulate all of the five senses enough to take the reader from the "here and now" to the "there and then." By this, I mean vivid description using imagery and sensory, enough to take the reader on a journey with the protagonist or almost as if the reader is the protagonist. Choose your words carefully enough so that the sight, smell, touch and sounds are there. Only then can one even tug at the heart strings.

Tip 2:

Writing within the gray area is okay. For example, your protagonist doesn't have to win, your plot can hang off a cliff or your setting can be in a lunar eclipse. Challenge yourself to write the double-standard. If there is one famous author that always succeeds in this, it is Jodi Picoult. I highly recommend you read her novel, "Nineteen Minutes." The thoughts that I developed while reading the book, shocked the life out of me!

Tip 3:

Poets aren't just experts in rhyming. In using figurative language and not using figurative language. In fact, poets seem to say jus the right thing at the right moment when you need it most. In other words, no matter how important structure and meaning is in your poetry, understand that poetry is subjectively perceived by each reader. Do not worry about perfection here. Write like your heart is on fire!

Tip 4:

You have the ability to impact. The potential to inspire. So...use social media, do not abuse it. Success is not measured in numbers. Rather, it is measured in heartbeats. Have you had a positive impact on someone in your life? Social media is a creative forum where people spread awareness, exchange ideas and inspire one another! If you are a writer who often posts on social media and network with fellow writers via social media, know that you are impacting and inspiring one another!

Tip 5:

Writing is a form of expression and a journey to self-discovery. Each letter is a puzzle piece falling into place and each word is buried treasure rising to the surface. When writing non-fiction, it is not only important to outline exactly what parts of life you want to focus on, but it is also important to remember those moments enough to, as is stated on Tip 1, stimulate all five senses. Sometimes, our memories are too vague, but we want to highlight how much those moments have impacted our lives. We can look back on old photographs or speak to other people who were there with us during those moments in order to jog our own memories.

Happy Writing!

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